Serbian ambassador of good will

Rakia is the most famous Serbian ambassador of good will, especially the one made out of plums. An irreplaceable guest at all events, Alchymia rakia will put everyone in a good mood wherever it is found. Alchymia rakia is a real source of life and you can be sure of that.


Only the best varieties of plums

We use only plums that are of the highest quality. Cacanska rodna and lepotica are Serbian plum varieties that, after maturing in an oak barrel, turn into a pure gold. Rakia obtained in such a way is very delicious and high quality.

Alchymia rakia is very well balanced between a good taste and irresistible smell that lasts long when you are drinking it. The longer it stays in oak barrels, the better it becomes. Often times, we keep a couple of bottles of rakia that is a couple of decades old for special occasions.


Family distillery

Our family Distillery uses a combination of old traditions, modern technology and old experiences. After seven years of trying out new things, we finally have a recognizable product by its quality and design.


Available for all occasions

People in Serbia do not only drink rakia for special occasions, in cafes and restaurants, but they also drink it for good immunity. For all important dates and cherished moments, Alchymia rakia is a natural elixir of life that is available for all lovers of good and refined taste.


Irreplaceable guest of every occasion


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